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TATTOO LIFE STYLE, established in Leghorn in 2005, by Pablo DE's tattoos passion. The workroom is placed in the heart of the city, in Via Pieroni 27 (first floor) thereabout Piazza Grande. Easily accessible from all directions and 10 minutes by public transports from the train station. With attention to any detail, we arranged a comfortable, spacious and very bright rooms. Taking maximum care to hygiene and to customer's pleasures and requests. We are able to claim more than 12 years tattoo's experience, but always training to improve the quality and the skill of our services.

Tattoos styles

Tattoolifestyle satisfies any need of our customers arranging a lot of styles created by guest tattoo artists: watercolor, new school, black and white, tribal, written, various symbols in order to achieve the smallest to the largest tatto. The most popular are those of Pablo DE, Traditional (modern) and Japanese. But not only these kinds we do.

No appointment tattoos

The Tattoolifestyle studio is able to arrange Tattoos without an appointment too. The formula request to wait for his own turn. This kind of tattoos shouldn't be large, but small or medium. To arrange it, the performing artist will be the first free avaiable. Customers coming faraway, we always recommend to contact us earlier.

Old tattoos covers

Ready to help those looking for covering old tattoos. Our partership with a tattoo removal center allows us to cover even if it looks impossible. For further information, we need to values the tattoo directly in our workroom.

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